General questions about the DNWorker

1. What is the DNWorker?

The DNWorker is a software for domain management. With the DNWorker you can now manage business tasks such as domain registration, forwarding, website creation, monetization, parking and sales all in one easy-to-use application.

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2. Is the DNWorker the right software for me?

The DNWorker is designed to meet your needs as domain owner and domainer, whether your domain portfolio is small or vast.

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3. What major highlights does the DNWorker offer?

Basic module
Domain Management
  • Import and export your domains with just a few clicks.
  • Use the API to access services of the parking provider Sedo.
  • Keep an overview with clearly arranged lists of your domains.
  • Arrange your domains in portfolios by category or following individual criteria.
  • Route domains flexibly to different parking providers.
  • Choose the registrars for your domains freely.

Additional modules
  • Create mini sites with different layouts.
  • Use content, which is automatically generated by feeds.
  • Design distinct content via the multi-domain CMS.
  • Purchase unique content for a fee.
  • Implement user generated content into your sites.
  • Integrate AdServer.
  • Implement statistic programs for efficiency control (e.g. Google Analytics).
  • Offer a flight search on your domains which present the travel topic.
  • Use the affiliate switch with the partner programs of Amazon, Affilinet and Zanox.
  • Present domains within your own ShowCase.
  • Use the CMS for the presentation of further content.
  • Simplify the contact to your clients with the function 'requests for quotationß'.
  • Profit from the function 'domain renting'.
  • Define actions in the DNWorker interface, which are carried out in different registrar accounts.
Listing Manager
  • Design classified advertising, business directories or a link directory.
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4. What differentiates the DNWorker from other software for domain management?

The DNWorker is a multi-dimensional software. In contrast to many of the currently available one-dimensional software tools, the DNWorker combines diverse solutions for all domainer needs.

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5. What is the difference between the Dedicated Version, the Hosted Version and the Online Version of the DNWorker?

Please find an extensive comparison of the DNWorker versions here.

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6. What is the difference between the Online Version Version on the one hand and the Hosted Version and the Dedicated Version on the other hand?

As a user of the Hosted Version or the Dedicated Version you have access to the full functionality of the basic module and all additional modules. In the Online Version the following features are not available or only partly available:

Basic module Domain Management: No import of domains from Sedo / NameDrive
Additional module Content-Parking: No creation of your own templates for the websites, limited banner and ad management, no Amazon price comparison, no AdServer integration
Additional module ShowCase: No CMS for the presentation of further content
Additional module Registrar: Missing

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7. Do I have to register or park my domains with a certain provider?

No, the domain management with the DNWorker works independent from registrar and parking providers. However, single adjustment options vary depending on the registrar / the parking provider.

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8. How many domains can I manage with the DNWorker at most?

Dedicated Version: No domain limit (depending on server)
Hosted Version: No domain limit (depending on server, see 37.)
Online Version: No domain limit

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9. I only own a few domains; can I use the DNWorker anyway?

Yes, the best case is the Online Version.

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10. Do I remain the owner of the domains if I use the DNWorker.

Yes, you are the owner of your domains at all time.

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11. How can I earn money with my domains and the DNWorker?

Examples of options for the monetization of your domains are: the sale of domains in the own domain shop, the renting of the type-in traffic, the integration of Google / Yahoo Ads, the Amazon affiliate program, the sale of article links, the sale of banner ad spaces, the design of classified advertising and / or business directories and the filling of banners with affiliate programs.

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Questions about the basic module Domain Management

12. How do I place my domains into the DNWorker?

Through CSV, TXT, the import from your Sedo or NameDrive account or through manual entry. Furthermore, the DNWorker automatically recognizes domains which are routed to him.

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13. How can I redirect a domain to the DNWorker?

You only have to change the nameservers to ns1.dnworker.com and ns2.dnworker.net.

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14. Do I have to pay anything for the import of domains into the DNWorker?

No, if you are using the Hosted Version or the Dedicated Version. However, the price of the Online Version depends on your domain volume among other things (see 34.).

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15. How can I create a list of my domains?

The list of domains can be exported as CSV.

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16. How can I generate user statistics for my domains?

You can retrace visits and so on by using statistic programs like Google Analytics, if you have set up an account with them before.

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Questions about Content-Parking

17. How can I generate content for my domains?

By default, news feeds are drafted. Furthermore, you yourself can implement individual content or let the DNWorker automatically implement content you have acquired from us.

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18. How can I create unique content for my websites?

You can create unique content by using the CMS in the DNWorker interface. Alternatively, you can order it for different subject areas in the interface.

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19. How can I publish an article on a website?

You can publish articles on a website by using the CMS.

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20. How can visitors publish an article on a website?

Visitors can directly enter an article on the mini site.

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21. Do I have to fill every single domain with content manually?

No, you can also draft standard news feeds or purchase content which is automatically implemented.

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22. Do I have to possess programming skills for generating individual content for my domains?

No, a WYSIWYG editor is used. You can handle it like you handle a conventional word processing program.

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23. Who defines the templates? Can I construct my own templates?

Dedicated Version, Hosted Version: Yes, you can create your own templates or use the offered standard templates.
Online Version: No, you can only use the given standard templates.

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24. Do I have to possess web design skills to create content for my domains?

Dedicated Version, Hosted Version: If you want to add new templates, web design skills are needed. Alternatively you can use the given standard templates.
Online Version: No, you always use predetermined standard templates.

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25. What are the conditions for publishing adverts on a website?

You either need to have a Google Adwords account, a Yahoo Publisher account or the access to the ad feed of another company.

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26. Why do my Google / Yahoo Ads not match the content on my domain?

Either the keyword which has been allocated to the domain when implementing it into the DNWorker does not match a Google or Yahoo keyword or there are no ads available which apply to the keyword.

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27. How can I integrate affiliate partners into the projecting of my mini sites?

You can insert banners of the affiliate partners into the advertising spots or link the websites of the affiliate partners within the content.

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28. Can I substitute links with other websites?

Yes, by using the Listing Manager (as link directory) or by links in the articles.

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Questions about the Dedicated Version

29. What are the system requirements for the use of the DNWorker?

Apache, PHP5.x, MySQL > 4.23, Ioncube (Zend Encoder in future), Curl

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30. How do I install the DNWorker on my server?

You install the software with the help of an installer. For solving problems during the installation please refer to the manual.

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31. How often can I install the DNWorker?

Each license can only be installed on one server.

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Questions about the Online Version

32. How many accounts can I open?

You can generate as many accounts as you like for you or your clients.

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33. Does a domain limit exist?

No, there exists no domain limit.

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34. What does the 70/30 traffic split mean?

The 70/30 traffic split means, that your banners and banners of DevKey Domainmanagement Solutions are rotating according to a 70/30 ratio. In 70 percent of cases your banners are shown; in 30 percent of cases the banners of DevKey are presented. The alternating banners are exactly the same Google and Amazon banners. The banners will be changed at short intervalls without being noticed by website visitors in order to avoid any impact on the click probability.


Please note that the following features are not or only partly available in the Online Version:

Basic module Domain Management: No import of domains from Sedo / NameDrive

Additional module Content-Parking: No creation of your own templates for the websites, limited banner and ad management, no Amazon price comparison, no AdServer integration

Additional module ShowCase: No CMS for the presentation of further content

Additional module Registrar: Missing

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35. Can I cancel and book individual Additional modules? How does it function?

Yes, you can cancel and book individual Additional modules anytime in the DNWorker interface. Additional modules are Content-Parking, ShowCase und Listing Manager.

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36. How can I delete my online account?

In order to delete your DNWorker online account, please send an e-mail to support@dnworker.com.

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Question about the Hosted Version

37. Which are the prices for the Hosted Version?

The price for the Hosted Version is based upon the server size. Please find an overview here.

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38. Do I have to install the DNWorker by myself as a user of the Hosted Version?

No, the DNWorker is already installed on the server for users of the Hosted Version.

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39. How can I cancel the Hosted Version of the DNWorker?

The cancellation has to be executed per fax at the end of the month with a cancellation period of three months. You can download the fax in the DNWorker interface.

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40. What will happen to my content after the termination of my agreement or after the retention has expired?

You are responsible for the backup of your content. You will receive multiple reminders. After the last reminder your content will be deleted irretrievably.

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